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Quote(s) of the week by Jess (Wong) Cruickshank

Jess is a designer, letterer and illustrator currently based in Sydney, Australia. She has been fascinated with handwriting since she was a little girl, and her interest in lettering and typography has been a personal passion for a long time. After moving to Sydney, Jess developed her meticulous lettering skills because she says she was a little lonely at first, so spent many evenings at home practicing lettering to pass the time. Jess’s work is a mix of hand-rendered and digital vector lettering, with a little bit of illustration thrown in.  She says she tries to push herself to work with as many different styles and techniques as she can, however she tends to gravitate towards drawing oversized, curvy scripts. – words from The Design Files

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Body Type

In a recent article on body lettering I assisted with, London letterer, Oli Frape, points out the calligraphy work of Pokras Lampas

Based in St. Petersburg, Russia, Pokras developed a skill for large scale work over several years as a graffiti artist and has also developed the steady hand needed for clothing nudes in calligraphy. His latest projects bring these two skills together with great effect. 

Undeniably playing up to a titillating objective the images are powerful nonetheless. The calligraphy is able to seamlessly fuse the organic forms of the models with the hard surfaces of the walls. 


The Knights 4


Topographical Typography

Above are some examples of the unique work of Parisian designer, Jérôme Corgier. 

Each of his typographic projects explores new ways to deconstruct and reform letters in the way an architect might approach a space.

The work has been described as resembling landscapes; however, to me, the deliberate manner in which they are constructed makes them seem closer to topographical models.

“I work just inside the letter, to give it life, history… ”

See more of Jérôme’s work here.


Avengers: Age of Ultron – Created by Daniel Kamarudin






Video Game Artworks by Karsten Sch


Mortal Kombat X – Concept Artworks