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In 2013 I had decided to continue my studies in Graphic Design and broaden my view on the subject and try new things. After applying to different Universities I decided to go to Nottingham Trent University. Now having finished this course and achieved my MA diploma I can say it has changed my entire outlook on design and my practices. The year really helped me refine my research skills, analysing other’s work and my own, present my ideas and work with feedback, test designs, experiment with techniques and learn how to properly present my work. 

Even though my major project: Type Play | Play Type, is my proudest work from this course and has taken most of my time there is of course other work that I did in the year before the final project became the main focus.

Durex – Future in Sight

For this project I worked with an Illustrator which was to show how the brand and its packaging would evolve for the future. Since it was a general statement we approached it from different angles.

Our first goal was to research all angles in context of condom development, packaging and scientific research into this subject. We wanted to keep matters of eco-friendly, sustainability and social situations strongly in mind while designing for this brief. We researched deeply into articles about condom development, technologies in existence for product and packaging, and the which audiences we were targeting. We came to the conclusion to focus more on the bisexual and homosexual communities as they seem more excluded from these brand’s audiences in today’s setting. With all this we also researched engaging packaging and came up with a more personal and illustrated approach.

Storyboarding Workshop with Sarah McConnel

IMG_1766            IMG_1767

This workshop was a real joy in learning how to storyboard. It gave me insights into page layout, frame sizing, adding motion to an image and telling a story through imagery. It was also great for use in animations or motion graphics and setting the story highlights on paper to give you a roadmap.

Type Play | Play Type Portfolio

3D Typography Tutorial Experimentation Results of exploring online tutorials to find the best way to create 3D typography.

  To start of my project I first needed to do a lot research into a few subject matter’s to really get a grip on what my project mission was: Use 3D typography and illustration to create engaging video game titles instead of artwork. I started experimentation using online tutorials using different softwares to determine which was […]

Typography Exploration While creating different typefaces experimentation and themes were needed.

As my game’s were targeted towards a mature rpg-audience and a children’s racing game I needed type that fitted that bill, but it had to keep them engaged as it’s meant to replace artwork. To do this I started by sketching type ideas by hand, getting a feel from them using existing title designs to […]

3D Printing For Sugar Rush! 3D printing had to get involved.

The great thing about being at University, in this case Nottingham Trent University, was their great facilities for architecture. Because of that I got the chance to work with their 3D printers and gave me a whole new view on the process of 3D printing. I got to experience the formatting of files, resizing for […]

Type Play | Play Type Major Project Finals.

PROJECT MISSION OBJECTIVE   Create typefaces for the future game industry, in particular game titles with matching packaging, that are more experimental, less restricted by guidelines and focus on typography. Using different media and adding an illustrative streak I want to take game title design to a new level using 3D on and off-screen, a popular future trend in Design. Creating two […]


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