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Have need of a graphic designer for your project? Then I’m here to help you out. I’m currently free for freelance work and would love to work with you on what you envision for your brief. It can be simple or detailed, small or a whole range of items! Every person and their needs are different so I’m very flexible, open-minded and there to help you create what you need. If you’re still interested then keep scrolling!

Freelance Things I Create

Identity & Branding – New or Existing
  • Logo & Icon
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Print
  • Digital
  • Stationery
  • Collateral
Business Material
  • Documents
  • Presentations
  • Infographics
  • Brochures & Leaflets
  • Printed Packages
  • Email Signatures
  • Stationery
Print Products
  • Posters
  • Brochures
  • Flyers
  • Documents
  • Book Publishing
  • Dissertation Design
  • Packaging
  • Custom*
Digital Products**
  • Social Media Imagery
  • Web Banners
  • Basic Animated GIFs
  • Online Imagery
  • Parties
  • Special Occasions
  • Weddings
Memory Books*
  • Photo Albums – All Sizes
  • Photo + Text Books
  • Printed + Special Finish
  • Packaging
  • Photo Conversion

* Custom: These are final product that don’t fit any category in here. These are probably best discussed in
more detail so you can always write me an email in more detail or discuss it with me over the phone.
Use the Contact link to drop me a note and I’ll get back in touch with you straight away. 
** Digital: With digital the items listed are the only things I offer to do. I’m not a web developer and don’t work with code in detail.I’m more than happy to design a website look for you as a mock-up and create any visuals towards this but cannot build it for you. 

Freelance Process

I work with a process so that everyone ends up happy at the end and that every stage is clear to everyone involved before we get started. This also gives you the chance to see how I work and gives you more certainty on what I need from you and what you will get from me.

Freelance Process

What I need to know: The end result, any material information, for what it will be used (helps me provide context and audience), any specific requirement such as colours, size, do’s and don’ts and anything else you think will help.

Feedback stages are limited to 3. Anything after that I charge extra due to extra time required.

If you are happy with the final estimate then I can get to work. At this point any imagery required then I’d request them all at this point either sent over email, DropBox or WeTransfer. I would then start with some options to show you. I aim to have at least two options so that there are choices for you. I also aim to have a first-draft for you within a week’s time. Any longer will be mentioned in the estimate notes.

Freelance Payment

Because each brief is different than the other and requirements vary I don’t offer set prices. It’s always best to get in touch with me and tell me what you need. From there I can work out how long it will roughly take and how much it will cost.

I take final payment through PayPal, this information is included with the invoice at the end. Other payment options can be requested if necessary. For briefs that require more than 4 hours of work or are over £100, I request 25% of the estimated payment to be paid at the 1st Feedback stage.

Freelance Deliverables

In the end when all feedback and changes have been made I send you the final files with a watermark to make sure you are completely happy with the final products. This also then comes with an invoice of payment and all related information. Once payment has been made I send you a DropBox folder with all the items in it for you to download. I keep this folder open to you for 1 month after completion. Other forms of transfer can be requested.

If anything needs to be printed by me then I have the final items sent to you and would have forwarded the email confirmation to you. You can also choose to print the final items yourself, and will therefore send you the print-ready document which you can just hand over.

If you also want the original working files in i.e: .ai or .psd, than I charge an extra £5 per file.

Any questions, concerns etc. then please contact me and I’ll reply to you asap.