This year is my parent’s 35th wedding anniversary and they wanted to celebrate with fun day of events and a barbeque to end the day. To let people know they decided to create invitations to send out with all the necessary information, and to also act as an RSVP, since it’s at an establishment. This is the result, language is in Dutch.


Photo 22-04-2015 3 03 31 pm blur

Photo 22-04-2015 3 03 12 pm


I used turquoise/green as my main color because 35-years is represented by the stone jade. Though subtly and not widely known it was a fact I wanted to be included and used as a theme. After seeing pictures of their wedding I was inspired by the great compositions and tried to keep that going as well, keeping it visual. Since the events included a ride on a Solex or Scooter such as was popular in those days I included that imagery as well in a vintage style from old adverts. On the back it featured the address and included a google-maps thumbnail since it gives them a more visual reference for location.


Photo 22-04-2015 2 59 50 pm blur