During my time at Book People I got a chance to work on packaging for Gift People as well. I did a variety of items but as it was beginning of the year most of it was Christmas items. The process was pretty simple when taking on a packaging project. The gift buyer had supplied us with a cutter guide and rough themes she’d like us to use. All packaging was created in Illustrator in CMYK/300dpi and Pantone matched when block color was used. When the product wasn’t visible with the packaging we photographed the product instead. We were also provided with product codes etc. and any warning labels that had to be visible on the packaging.

Acrylic Cone Light

This product is a lovely cone light so to get the best effect I had to shoot his in the dark. After turning the photography room into a dark room I shot the the product using some basic fairy light in the background. It was to have a comfortable soft glow so did the most in Photoshop in editing the imagery to give it that feel. The rest of the packaging needed to be bright and homely so used a light blue polka-dot background.

 NOEL LED Light-Up Sign

For this big light-up sign the gift buyer wanted something that hinted at Christmas, but not too typical and cheesy. It has to fit in a home and add Christmas, not be about it. I kept it simple with red side panels keeping the front and back with the image of the sign. I only used a few Christmas tree decorations and kept the background light with a bokeh tree in the background. On the bottom in included all the necessary packaging labels.

Teddy and Hedgehog Doorstop Tags

For these adorable doorstops I had to create two tags. They were four-page circular tags. Their designs were simple but kept elements from the doorstops.

Nordic Photo Coaster Set


This was a two-stage packaging brief. One was to redesign the coaster pattern to be more nordic and Christmassy. As they are customisable photo coasters the pattern needed to be simple and act as a frame for the buyers photos. Once approved we got the samples made and shipped from China. These were then photographed and put onto the box packaging.

The gift buyer wanted the box to have a similar style to that of the NOEL packaging which was light and nodding to Christmas. I used similar props and a bokeh tree background again keeping the coasters in a realistic setting. On the side there was the description text along with the sizing information of the photographs. On the bottom were all the other labels.