In August 2015 I started working for Book People in Godalming. I was part of the Design team as a Junior Web Designer. We dealt with all the design needs from the entire company including E-Commerce, Marketing, Print and Gift. When I joined the company had just gone through a major rebrand so it was an excellent time to come in and really get into the brand guidelines and work with the new style’s etc.

Email and On-Site Promotion

On a daily basis we had an offer run on e-mail and 80% of the time same offers were reflected on site. From Marketing we got an excel layout guide with all the needed wording and a theme to design to. This was then a process from Design –> Approval from marketing, merchandising and copywriters –> Build Mobile version of design –> Slice design –> Build in Dreamweaver with code template etc. –> Upload imagery to online cloud and place into Responsys for Marketing to link up. We had a template/style guide to work to in our designs but a lot was up for us to make the designs work in the end.

On site we also created promotional product banners in various sizes, which were then updated with either a stock change or when a new catalogue had just landed. These banners had a set style for the CTA button, price roundel, title messaging and a vague way for how the products were displayed. More recently when we had collections of books for on banners we tended to photograph them more together so you get a more realistic view of them rather than mocking it up in Photoshop.

Print for Book People Local & Events

Besides digital design we also did Print briefs for the distributor part of Book People.

Book People Events Monthly Poster: Every month they would send out printed and digital posters to affiliates which were the months picked books which mostly consisted of 6-8 books/collections to feature. It had a set template with color scheme which reflected the catalogue style as much as possible to tie all these brand elements together. They would get printed as A4 and A3 and the rest were sent as jpegs or in word documents. These were created/requested in various sizes. The same was done for the monthly Gift posters.

Book People Local Top 20 of 2015: This is an A3 landscape poster that I created in Illustrator that showed the Top 20 ranking of distributors in 2015. Because distributors are always on the road I kept to that illustrated idea while showing the rankings in a fun/creative way.

Book People Schools Leaflet: Earlier in the year Book People Schools Scheme was introduced for schools and parents and so we created a leaflet that were handed out by school distributors to show teachers and parents alike how to sign up to the scheme and what it had to offer. It uses the illustrative style that were in our brand guidelines while keeping it creative and not to business like.

Pet Show A6 Advert: This was a Book People Events featured in the Pet Show catalogue for this year. It had the usual marketing messages along with the booth number we had at the event. It also uses graphics to combine pets and books that stuck with our illustrative style.