I was approached by an Etsy shop owner to see if I could create a brand for her shop, Candyy Locks. Her trade was made up of creating cosplay, character onesies, other tailor-made products and the occasional cosplay photography.

The requirements were vague so my objective was to create a logo that incorporated her values and shop trade. By values judging by her Etsy shop included bright, energetic and creativity. Those matched with tailoring I decided to create a custom typeface design using 3D to help me add another dimension. The letters were initially created in Illustrator and then placed into Cinema 4D for further development, combined later with a star-filled pink paint like material to give her values a visual.

The main output for this was on business cards and online so I thought it best to use a rounded logo with a square card design to make her brand really stand out from the crowd, especially if they were being handed out at Anime Expo’s. On the back I decided to use QR codes to use the available space as efficiently as possible, while also using the technology that everyone has: smartphones. These links led to her shop, her Tumblr and email as requested.

Candyy Locks ComparisonThis is a comparison of the black and color version of the 2D logo design.