I have always had cats since I was born, so I guess you can say I’m a cat-lover. But honestly I love all animals. So at home I have two persian-mix sisters that we got in Egypt after one of our previous cats passed away from old age. We had two at the time and the old man we already had lonely so we ended up with two tiny kittens. They each have their quirks and personality traits, and saying they are complete opposites would be 100% true.

Aida and Aisha are their names. Aida was named after the opera and Aisha after the french song by Khalid. They both are grey/brown long haired persians of unknown origins. They love to sleep and drape themselves over couches, sit on plastic bags or pieces of paper plus let themselves be known in the house if your presence is required. But as every photographer does when they have pets, these pets become the daily models. So these are some of the photographs of them (mainly Aida) because I wanna share their beauty and personality with others.

This post will be constantly edited with newer photographs, so keep checking back!