Merry Christmas 2015

For Christmas 2015 I had started too late on this project, having gotten sidetracked by work and other things. But that didn’t stop me from continuing my Christmas Card mission for December! By having time against me I wanted something simple, easy to accomplish but still fun and custom. This winter was more grey and than white so decided to having bright colors as a main feature to keep the fun.

So for this I started with opening trusty Adobe Illustrator and did a simple design for printing. At the same time I ordered some great paper stock and envelopes from the usual place: Inspire Me Papers.

Having gotten the designs printed the job was then to trim the border off, cut the solid lines with my abused scalpel and score along the dotted lines to make folding clean and easy. Doing this right made putting it together a breeze.

Glueing paper on card Constructing cards

I had chosen four different card colors with metallic finishes; blue, green, red and purple. The colors contrasted beautifully with the ivory insides. Next up though was the most custom part of the card, the color.

IMG_0369 copy


I wanted the dots to really stand out and be 3D, which my usual acrylic paint wasn’t up for. Having Google and Amazon at my disposal turns out Puffy Paint was my solution. I bought the neon color batch and it was so much fun to work with. The paints were easy to use, thick and dried fast which was perfect! Every pattern and dot was unique.

Some even came with a lovely bit of cat hair due to them always meddling with arts and crafts. 


Final 3

Thank you for viewing and hope you enjoyed!