For this year’s Christmas card send-out I wanted to create something more personal and unique. Having done some previous research on card making and crafting I decided to go with cut-out cards so that you had a level of dimension. I stuck with the theme of snowflake’s and chose six unique free-designs.


IMG_2598 copy




The process started with laying out the designs in InDesign, making sure it got printed all correctly. Printing with very light grey lines as guides was the best way to go about it. I then had those printed on linen-card paper to add texture. For the inside I ordered a dark blue paper that had a sparkle effect from Inspire Me Papers. I stuck these two paper’s together using glue and then started with the hardest, and most time-consuming task: cutting out all the necessary pieces, roughly 70 times over.


IMG_2560       IMG_2553


I had a system set-up in steps to make sure that the right pieces were cut out so that only half of the snowflake was free from the edges and could create a 3D fan effect. For the more circular parts, I used small scissors instead because getting a smooth circular edge with a knife is much harder.


IMG_2558        IMG_2563


After all this was done it was time to create the stamp with the text, “Merry Christmas & Happy New Year”. Having carved one out I used metallic silver paint to stamp the text inside the cards.




After that names and messages were written in individually along with the dots. When everything was dry they were put into square dark blue envelopes also from Inspire Me, closed with golden star stickers on the back. The addresses were written in white on the front and then put in the post.


IMG_2584 copy