On this project page you will find the collection of Design tasks that I’ve done throughout and have no big project page to belong to on their own. So gathered here are what I have to date and given them a home for you to view them in. As these were design tasks all imagery used were either free or previes from Shutterstock.

‘Happiful’ Magazine  | Cover + Digital + Spread

A new project was being started up by a Marketing agency looking to get a monthly magazine going on Digital platforms in a standard magazine layout. The requirements were to use provided logo and the content with headlines and inside spread copy. I provided this brief with two separate styles: Photographic and Illustration. Using basic market research I did into Magazine design, current trends and how it would translate roughly onto digital screens I came up with these end results.

For this I used standard Magazine layout practices regarding hierarchy, font size and weights, two font pairings to create contrast, infographics for factual data, bold text for important tidbits and skimming, plus easy navigation for reading. All type reflected the logo provided so that they all worked together. Using colors and design element I created a basic structure for the magazine to follow. I then translated this onto quick mock ups for on an iPad but that ground was more easily detailed if I knew more about the publishing platform and had some market research to back up how to best design for editorial digitally.

Advantage Resourcing | Tri-Fold Brochure

This was a task for a recruitment and marketing agency who wanted a brochure for their design task. Provided with the logo and body copy I was free to choose imagery, layout and design. Using the brand colours from the logo and keeping the font family relatively the same I went about creating this. Having decided to use a tri-fold brochure for the final print outcome I divided the text accordingly so that navigation and layout made the most sense. I also picked imagery appropriate to the topic and audience of this brochure. Using color I separated the information so that everything was easily found.