Master Data Services is a department made up of currently four teams, and is part of Johnson & Johnson Medical Ltd based in Pinewood, UK. When I heard that they were keen to have a brand made along with all the collateral that came with I was more than happy to help out.

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The initial discussion had been about them and how to represent them in a logo, knowing that the audience was internal, external and all around the globe to their own clients and stakeholders. Knowing that there were four teams at least gave me a good basis to work from and create initial sketches that could be refined or forgotten. The idea was to have a logo that be taken apart to represent individual teams in required situations but when made whole represented the overall MDS dept. The use of color, size and opacity became huge factors to play with now. Also to be taken into consideration was the fact that the brand was global, multi-lingual and was mainly going to be used digitally on e-mails and PowerPoint templates.

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Having done initial rough sketches I went into Illustrator to refine my ideas and use color to create the idea of individuality and whole. Since they were teams in a department circles and lines were great shapes to use. The color palette I had also restricted to red, grey, white and black so that the brand still matched that of J&J.

After having a second meeting and deciding on a logo, typeface (Eurostile) and initial lanyard designs using mock-ups etc. it was down to refining and fixing minor details so that the files were ready to be sent out to printers for marketing collateral.

MDS logo evo

Another key point that I had to keep in mind was the idea of logo-evolution. Since the teams could shrink or expand at any time it was important to have a back up set to accommodate these changes. Using the initial design I also created a log for a three-team MDS and five-team MDS.

MDS Brand Guidelines

Along with everything else a short pdf of the brand guidelines was included so that their own marketing department and printers had the info they needed to make sure the brand was correctly presented.

Template 1

template 2

Two PowerPoint templates were also created with different styles and layout options to keep the brand present but also keep it simple, clean and business appropriate. This was then set up to have a matching theme of colors and typefaces to keep everything similar.

In the end the results are: brand, brand guidelines, logo, evolutionary logos, PPT templates, e-mail signatures, notebook, lanyard, water bottle, pen and pop-up banner.

MDS Mock-Up