Since I have started creating my portfolio for on iPad I started to think more about personalising it to represent me, while also keeping it interactive to use the functionality of the tablet to the fullest. I decided to use 3D to create a low-poly planet that was about my world. I filled my planet with a river, a desert, variation of mountains, and iconic monuments of all the places I lived which each had their own impact on me.

It features a windmill from the Netherlands, Jerusalem from Israel, the pyramids from Egypt, the Burj al Arab from Dubai and the Big Ben from England.

It also included the letter A to represent me as a whole. I also included a spaceship which represents my interests in science fiction, anime and fantasy. At the back the planet has an electrical cord which represents my interests in technology and video games.


ipad mockup

Portfolio on iPad

mobile website

Portfolio re-created on Wix, mobile version.


My initial Wix webiste re-created to represent my portfolio.