This is a fashion dissertation another designer and myself worked on for a fashion student. Provided with text and imagery we put this together and ended up with a ±120 page A4 landscape hardcover dissertation.


Portfolio mock-up

These are all the elements I had put into my post-deliverable portfolio. It featured an A4 CV, business card, 10-postcard portfolio and links to my website at the time. All this fit into an A5 card packaging that could easily be sent to agencies and studios to promote myself as a designer.



This was done for an internship application where we had represent a hypothetical design agency and promote their skills. This was then to be visually presented in one analogue and one digital format. My agency was called ‘Infinite‘ promoting the majority of skills most agencies had. My analogue was a letterhead design plus business card. The digital format was a Facebook page as a social presence is very important in today’s industry to promote your business.