This project initially only started with a set of invitations for the celebration’s event. After the event though going through all the photographs as a group we felt it was nicer to use all those great photo’s and make a memory book, all packaged beautifully to remember the occasion by. This turned into an A4 landscape, hardcover book with a clamshell box around it.

The book was divided into three sections: Meet & Greet, Solex Drive and BBQ. The general structure and style of the book was kept simple and modern. The grid was had a changing layout depending on the photographs that had to be included per spread. One rule was that each person present that day had a full-bleed page to themselves so that it was not just about the event but also the friends that attended. I tried to keep the grids as fluid as possible so that the layout was different every page and more engaging that way. Narrative was as much a part of it as layout.

I also gathered quote’s from people who attended who wanted to leave a personal message about their friendship. With these I kept my color palette to green and then used two different fonts to create an interesting typographical structure with the message.

Save the Date Open Book 3

In the end it was a 60-page photo book with barely any text, letting the images speak for themselves. It was then put into a white clamshell box that had the title foil-blocked on the front in dark green to keep with the Jade color scheme.