To start of my project I first needed to do a lot research into a few subject matter’s to really get a grip on what my project mission was: Use 3D typography and illustration to create engaging video game titles instead of artwork. I started experimentation using online tutorials using different softwares to determine which was best to have the most control and creative freedom. 

Black and White Abstract Text Effect

Using Photoshop to add different textures and effects to create 3D appearance.

Dark Sphere

Using Cinema 4D and materials to add 3D elements within an image, a premise to using it with text.

Steam Punk Final Final

Using Illustrator and Photoshop to create 3D type with image textures.

Dream Test

Using Illustrator’s 3D abilities, which are very limited, and then using Photoshop’s brushes and textures to add effects.

Rubber and Glass

Using Photoshop’s 3D abilities, which are also limited, to create this rubber and glass effect. Good for very basic 3D but is restricted and has a tendency to crash Photoshop a lot so isn’t very reliable.

Shattered Text

Using Cinema 4D to create and shatter text manually, then edit it within Photoshop to add the smoke, grunge and alter the colors for a better image in the end.

In the I discovered that Cinema 4D was my best choice. C4D is most commonly used within the Design community and allows of freedom with typography in a 3D-setting. Having the ability to edit the text in detail and adding plugin effects gave me the inspiration to create custom typography to take my project forward. Not just keeping it with static but also with motion.