As my game’s were targeted towards a mature rpg-audience and a children’s racing game I needed type that fitted that bill, but it had to keep them engaged as it’s meant to replace artwork. To do this I started by sketching type ideas by hand, getting a feel from them using existing title designs to generate a mood board.

For the racing-game, Sugar Rush!, I wanted it to have a sugar-rush vibe full of energy, excitement, adrenaline and fun. With this I explored bubblegum, candy and ice-cream sticking with bright colors.


IMG_2036           IMG_2040

IMG_2161 IMG_2084 IMG_2063


For the more mature audience, 12+, I used styles that matched previous role playing game related titles and tried to use the 3D space as much as possible. Material experimentation also had much more of a role because that was the other half of it’s representation.


IMG_1861 IMG_1866 IMG_1962


A Test         S Test


For material experimentation I had some challenges because for Sugar Rush! liquids didn’t really exist in C4D so I attempted sculpting but to get a realistic look would take to much time manually. Instead I just used phong tags and blending sphere’s together to create the liquid looks and with matching material effects.


liquid test3


With Sceptre Black the challenge was to create realistic metal materials and an adequate material for the inside structure of each character. I wanted to add depth so opted for a gas cloud effect with a glass semblance but that needed more experimentation and correct textures to really pull off.


S Test 3          S Test red 2